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Beekeeper Joe regularly offers first year beekeeping classes and workshops on specific beekeeping related skills.  His first year class is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get through the first year of beekeeping. Click here for more information.


Bee Tour

Are you interested in seeing our hives? Take a photographically tour of our hives through our Bee Tour.

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Summer and Fall 2013 Honey - In select stores only!

Our Fall 2013 honey is available!  This year the fall honey is a very dark red due to the large proportion of knotweed nectar the bees collected in August and September.  Darker honeys have higher levels of antioxidants as compared to lighter colored honeys.  The knotweed honey we harvest here in Allegheny County is always in high demand because it is a dark honey with a very mild flavor.  It’s sweet and extra healthy!

Our Summer and Fall honey harvests will only be available this year only at the Giant Eagle Market District® stores in Wexford, Shadyside, the South Hills, and Robinson.  The Market District Stores are also stocking our honey soap and beeswax lip balm!  Please see the Products page for a full listing of our products and retail partners.

Who has the Pink Hive?

Our children each have their own hive; each painted their favorite color of course!  So if you are fortunate enough to get a jar with a Pink, Blue, Purple or Yellow cap label, you will have a unique single hive source honey.  We bottle the kids honey separately so they can enter the honey in farm competitions, but it is always interesting to see the variations between the individual hives.  One hive may produce a darker honey though it was only a few feet from the other.  The differences are largely determined by how the hive population peaks in relation to the available nectar sources.  It’s a thrill to see whose hive produces the most honey or has the most distinct flavor!  

Our Honey Products

We produce raw honey that is lightly filtered and never heated, so we are able to offer the sweetest natural food in the world at peak flavor and nutritional benefit.

Our honey is typically harvested in the months of July and September. The timing and size of the harvest depends on the weather and, of course, the bees.

We also offer honey-based products year-round such as all natural lip balm, honey soap, and beeswax candles. These products are made in small batches to ensure freshness.

We have a selection of great products thal make wonderful gifts. Please visit our Products page for ordering information.

All of our products are made on the premises of County Barn Farm. You can find our items at local stores or we will ship them to you. Simply email us or call (412) 225-0930 to place your order. Please visit our Products page for more information.


Joe Zgurzynski is a Master Beekeeper! You can see his interview discussing the Plight of the Honey Bees on CBS-Pittsburgh.

The purpose of the Master Beekeeper certification program is to identify and certify people who have a detailed knowledge of honey bee biology, expertise in the proper practices of beekeeping, and can present this information to the beekeeping and non-beekeeping public in a detailed, accurate, clear and authoritative manner.

Joseph Zgurzynski is second generation beekeeper who grew up on a small farm in New Jersey. He was president of the local 4-H beekeeping club as a teenager and has had a lifelong interest in beekeeping and entomology.

Joe is a member many beekeeping organizations and takes an active role mentoring new beekeepers.  He regularly teaches beekeeping classes.  Please email him to find out about his next class or click here register for the Country Barn Farm beekeepers email list.

Don't forget to visit our Beekeeping and Resources pages as they have been updated with some great information.

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